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Your complete service partners in information services and technology. Specialising in quality office networking, VOIP, intranet and internet services.

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VOIP & Phone

Who needs home or office landlines when you can sign up for a voice-over-IP service at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers?

Intranet & Internet

The intranet/internet medium has changed the way business is done today. Find out how Omega IS can optimise your systems and productivity by calling our team now.

Full Data Systems

We consult on, design, and implement full data systems to suit. Professionally tailored to enhance the day to day running of your business.

All Services

Omega Information Services is a specialised and experienced provider of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) products, solutions and services throughout Australasia. With leading industry brands in our portfolio, OmegaIS operates in these distinct areas of the IT supply chain:

Module & Licensing Sales
  • Internet and network connectivity which includes options like 3G and ADSL
  • Microsoft Licenses whether software is bought outright or within a Volume licence agreement
Technical Solutions
Whether that be in a hosted or locally deployed environment

  • Hardware and software infrastructure at the customer’s premises which can include servers, routers, terminals, printers, desktops and notebooks, scanners, handheld scanners, Point of Sale terminals
  • The support and maintenance on the network and infrastructure to ensure optimal uptime and business productivity
  • Hosted Applications & Services
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • We sell several services and software products in the form of Software as a Service. This allows the customer the maximum benefit with the least amount of financial investment. Both the software and servers are supported and maintained by Omega IS
Solution Configuration
  • The service is offered in a variety of forms and methods – allowing for the service to be tailored to the customer’s needs. This allows for a target audience scaling from small to enterprise sized businesses.
  • The service is offered in both short- and long term format, allowing for a range of ad-hoc to full support service outsourcing solutions. The support itself can be delivered in both remote and on-site support, again allowing for a multitude of options when it comes to meeting business requirements with an effective solution
Module Customisation
when needed to better align them with your business

Third Party Software Integrations
Our Software & Solution development team specialise in the development, integration and maintenance of:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Server applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile Device applications
  • Our proficiency includes platforms and technologies like Microsoft web technologies, and Microsoft SQL Server. And also the open source environments for PHP and MySQL.
  • This includes development languages like: ASP, C, VB, Transact-SQL (including Microsoft SQL Server 2000 – 2008),
Disaster Recovery and Continuity Consulting
  • Omega also provides consulting services in disaster recovery and business continuity planning, end point security, intellectual property protection, biometric server and computer security (Active Directory integrated) and the project management of office relocations and other turnkey projects.
Data services
  • Data Capture/Typing/administration
  • Data conversion/cleansing
  • Etc
Outsourced IT Resources
Helpdesk services
Data/system security services/analysis
Free IT Audits
  • Hardware evaluation
  • Data storage and security audit
  • Software licensing
  • High-level summary report
  • etc.

Our experienced team operate all across New Zealand and have qualified service technicians ready at the push of a button. So get in touch today!